Art Gallery 2

"Indian Chief"


"Old Man and Baby"

1976   36 x 24

$25,000 Oil on Canvas

While the old man is still connected with the water, earth and sky, he is realizing it's his time to go home. With a tear in his eye, he sees his life in the stars and knows it will start all over again in the newborn baby.

"Fetus Skull"

1990   28 x 22

$5,000 Oil on Canvas

Man's main question, as represented in the back of the crystal skull, where the baby represents his thought and answer; Man is born to learn how to live and how to die.

"Peace Pipe"

1976   20 x 24

$30,000 Oil on Canvas

While the Indian smokes his peace pipe, the Spirit Chief is present. The smoke shows symbols and signs of the Indian philosophy and culture.


"White Buffalo"

1985   28 x 32

$35,000 Acrylic on Canvas

The prophecy of the White Buffalo has been completed. Wearing the eagle feather and secret stone, surrounded by crystals and spirit light.


"Seven Wonders"

1994   18 x 24

$10,000 Canvas on Board

The Earth is surrounded with the wonders of the world, however, the real wonder 'IS' the earth itself, the truth reflected in the glow of light and the symbolized birth of spiritual elevation.