Art Gallery 3

"Going Home"

1995   22.5 x 29.5

$12,000 Oil on Canvas

When we leave Mother Earth, we will get our rest. Our soul knows, in time, we will have to go home again, to live again, to learn more and to do the job God inspired us to do.


1976   18 x 24

$25,000 Oil on Canvas




"Music Sound"

1973   12 x 16

$25,000 Oil on Canvas


"Pyramid Power"

1988   29.5 x 23.5

$5,000 Oil on Canvas

In the center of the pyramid, a human heart beats. It reveals energy. It radiates energy. The pyramid has a light aura and all together it reflects Pyramid Power.


"Helping Hand"

1978   16 x 20

$15,000 Oil on Masonite

While the flight is long and hard and you are tired, your faith will be the 'helping hand' that arrives out of nowhere to help you and give you a rest.