Art Gallery 5

"The Fish and Bird"

1978   10 x 8

$10,000  Oil on Masonite

Some people see the bird, some people see the fish, however, one cannot be without the other. They are in essence "one." The bird needs the fish to survive.

"Spiritual Sky"

1974   20 x 16

$15,000 Oil on Canvas

While resting in the meadow looking up at the sky, a positive person will see: Creation, the Dove of Peace, Mother and Child, and whatever comes to mind. 

"Butterfly Kisses"


"Happy, Healthy Child"


The child blessed without worry, carries a flower representing food, joy, growth and abundance. While the child walks happily, playing in the sun, it leaves a shadow. Symbolizing; Where there is light and joy, there is shadow and pain. The shadow represents the hungry child, a non-existent life doomed in the desert sun.


"Three Windows"


Three windows become 'one'. The center window shows a diamond, symbolizing 'strength'. The diamond sparkles and if you look closely in the spark, you will see the body of Christ.


"The Window of Opportunity"

1994    20 x 30

The window of opportunity comes in many forms and from many angles. Up or down, left or right, ocean or sky, spirit or man.