A Tribute to John Lennon


"Portrait of John"
12 Faces and Phases of John in Spirit

"When I found out the news about John leaving this earth, I was not only shocked, but also disappointed for the human race. Of all the people, why him, this peacemaker and by a fan asking for an autograph? Shot down, in front of his home after a hard day's work, in the middle of his comeback recording his new album "Starting Over." I felt a direct inspiration to paint him at that moment. With tears in my eyes, hearing the radio play "Imagine" over and over again. I started to paint the faces and phases of John's life in spirit."  - Peter Teekamp

From top left:  The mysterious John, the witty intellectual writer with the thought provoking lyrics.

In the center:  John receiving his green card after his battle with the U.S. Government in front of the statue of Liberty, giving us the peace sign.

Upper Right:  The loving sensitive human being a little out of balance with our society.

Bottom Left:   John walks on thin ice over the shadow of the pillar that becomes a guitar neck. He's going home, after a hard day's night. See the face next to the pillar of the Temple? It symbolizes stepping over his music "Walking on water." He's going home.

Right Center:   You see John in blue space with glasses. In his mouth you will see Yoko and John kissing, symbolizing that what is in your heart will flow out of your mouth. Right under that you see the way John looked when he closed the best band in the world, "The Beatles" that became history. Under there, leaning against a wall, the way he looked when he began "The Beatles." The band that inspired and changed the world forever.

Lower Right:   You see Yoko, his wife's profile, always there for him in the background. The shadow of the Temple's right pillar shows a piece of paper symbolizing the writer, musician and artist, John. The foremost and center of the painting shows John the way he looked when he left the earth, while the body becomes a Temple with an orange aura.


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